Practical Lessons

The GCE ‘O’ Pure Science Practical Paper constitute 20% of the overall Pure Physics Exam & 15% for Science (Physics)!
While at ECUBE, we focused on 80% of the theory component for the Pure Physics Exam (Paper 1: 30% + Paper 2: 50%), it is well-known that a student will need to excel in the practical component (Paper 3) as well if he/she were to attain a distinction in Physics. Unfortunately, the practical component is sometimes not adequately hone in both schools (usually due to “lack of time”) and tuition centres (when tutors only ‘talk through’ the requirements of a practical experiment – leaving students to imagine the actual situations and requirements)

We not only chose and train our students with more representative experiments across the 4 key Physics Modules: Mechanics / Thermal / Wave (Light) / Electricity & Magnetism, but we also reinforce the planning skills required for the planning task (which many students can be rather concerned about).

These practical sessions are usually infused into lessons at critical times during the weekly classes (e.g. before EOY/Prelim Practical Exams, in Term 4 when the school labs are officially closed and ‘out-of-bounds’ to students) so our students can have the necessary practical and psychological assurance that they can enhance their knowledge, skills and aptitude to do well for the various experiments.

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