Customised Group Tuition

Customised Group Tuition (CGT) is a premium tuition programme that aims at delivering the best, targeted learning experience and outcomes for any specific subject for students from the same school/class. CGT is the next new wave for tuition … CGT is the way for maximum learning impact and effectiveness!

In Singapore’s fast-changing educational landscape, increasing diversity amongst schools in delivering their curriculum, the “One-Size-Fits-All” group tuitions where students need to “Give-and-Take” when their tutors teach topics which are not covered in their schools at that time – may not be the best solution for everyone.

STANDARD Tuition Classes may not work for many students now! This is mainly because many schools are not teaching according to the standard flow of topics (and deeper rigor!), and this deviation is even greater in subject like Sciences and Math for the IP schools & the JCs in terms of content rigor and assessment criteria! (E.g. there are vast differences in topic arrangement and assessment rigor for Primary and Lower Sec Science … in which 10 schools do it in 10 different ways!)

JOIN the growing group of parents and students who are actively looking to form customised tuition classes, e.g., Physics for their children and friends. And why are they doing so? What are the advantages for CGT? These are just a few key ones


AND ALL CLASSES will be conducted by some of the best engaging, experienced, highly qualified and sought-after former MOE teachers who were subject heads, level heads, senior teachers & HODs etc! Trial lesson is welcome!

BUT very few tuition centres are able to cater for such diverse needs of students. These require a team of trained, competent teachers with lots of actual experience in the classrooms & the necessary skill-set in the area of content, pedagogy & assessment.

WELL … We can! We have a strong pool of highly-competent & engaging MOE trained teachers for almost all the academic subjects examinable (Sec / JC). These were teachers who were ex-HODs, Scholars, Subject & Level Heads, Senior & Experienced Teachers who are armed with rich teaching experiences & extensive learning resources.

Just some schools we have Customised Group Tuition (CGT) with, in the last 5 years

Subjects we have customised group tuition for

A-Level (Physics, Chemistry, Math, Econs, General Paper)
WAIT NO FURTHER! Grab a slot now to give your child the very best! Let them experience for themselves to assess the quality of our tuition and delivery!

Why wait? Arrange a CGT now and give your child & their friends the very best! Call Andrew @ 96803400 or email to explore further!


Dunman High School (IP)

Cedar Girls’ School (IP / OP)

Victoria School (IP / OP)

Anglican High School

Catholic High School (IP / OP)

Chung Cheng High School (Main

Tanjong Katong Secondary School

CHIJ Katong Convent

Bedok South Secondary School

Geylang Methodist Secondary School

Tanjong Katong Girls’ School

CHIJ Katong Convent 

St Patrick’s Secondary School

Temasek Secondary School

Dunman Secondary School


Victoria Junior College

Temasek Junior College

Tampines Meridien

Junior College 

Dunman High School (Senior Year)

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